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you can put this device on any surface and it will actually type. like. this is a hologram. a HOLOGRAM. I CAN TYPE WITH A HOLOGRAM NOW.

its sold by Brookstone and fucking damn it is the most fascinating thing i have seen in my life so far holy god

Wait wait wait is this like a you hook it up to a computer and type on the light and then words?

yup. simple bluetooth hookup and boom. you’re done. you can now type on your desk with a hologram to send texts, make notes, do literally anything a keyboard can do.

Woah. Woah. WOAH

It’s sold by ThinkGeek too! But it is quite expensive

every day we get closer to Tony Stark


lollipopdemon asked:

What's the stupidest thing people have ever said about pjo/hoo? It doesn't have to be what people have said to you specifically.





"piper is useless/not helpful/can’t fight"

"jason hasn’t accomplished anything"

"percy is better"

the whole “leo should be excused from crappy behavior and actions because he is a sad orphan” argument

(BoO cover) “where’s percy?”

feel free to add more guys

sexualdemigod: “reyna’s race isn’t canon so she’s probably white”

"I can interpret the character however I want! It doesn’t matter if there’s a detailed description in the book, it’s just a guideline!"

"it’s not whitewashing. it’s reader interpretation"

"Since Percabeth started dating Annabeth is so dependent on Percy now" Because Annabeth totally didn’t rock her solo quest in the Mark of Athena and she saved Percy several times during the House of Hades.

"Frank is so useless and stupid." Yeah, because he totally can’t turn into a bunch of animals, saved the butts of the other demigods so many times in the books, and lead an army of zombies to victory when the child of Hades couldn’t.

People Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Celebs →


Toby Sheldon | Justin Bieber

Why anyone would get plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber is anyone’s guess, but that’s exactly what Toby Sheldon did. This 33-year-old man spent around $100,000 to look like the pop star.

Myla Sinanaj | Kim Kardashian

Myla Sinanaj was already pegged as a Kim Kardashian look-alike. Not only did she spend $30,000 on plastic surgery to look like her idol, but she also released a sex tape and even hooked up with her ex-husband, Kris Humphries.



Anonymous asked:

hey so I don't know if you are doing that big palette challenge, but if you are, the random code I got was palette 76 with pose 11C. I'm assuming you're into PJO (because of the Frazel art), so maybe Rachel Elizabeth Dare would look cool in this one? you don't have to do it all if you don't want. just a suggestion x



here’s RED, eating chips and painting and stuff C: 

And thanks for the suggestion babe! 

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