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_ @percyjackson03: Bday photo at the morning training with the best ever @anniechase and @groverthesatyr #bday #loveTheseTwo _

Yoooo! Last year I did nothing for Percy’s birthday, but this one I had to since the last book with him will be released this year. These three made the person I am now and I’m feeling so nostalgic… What I will do without you Percy????

(I totally forgot my water mark)





That one time I made two dresses out of The Fault In Our Stars Pages….

About a week ago, I looked at my first copy of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. It was falling apart at the seams, having been annotated, cried into, traveled with and generally loved to it’s fullest capacity. It was now unreadable, the pages falling out at the binding and I thought, what the hell am I supposed to do? I can’t throw it out. I also happened to be going to LeakyCon the following weekend, where their annual ball would be an Esther Earl Charity Ball, celebrating her birthday, known now as Esther Day, at midnight. Suddenly inspiration struck me and I decided to make my sister Jenna (evermorelovely) and I our Charity Ball dresses.

Considering I had NEVER made anything remotely like these paper dresses, I am so incredibly proud of how these came out. I used two base dresses (so that if any pages fell off mid-ball we wouldn’t be casually flashing everyone) and bought Mod Podge Fabric glue. Essentially I created ruffle tiers by gluing paper in layers upon one another! I cut the paper in certain shapes and folded the paper 1st-grade-fan-making style to create the texture and look of the dress. Other than that I made two cover page cloud inspired collars out of ribbon and felt, as well as two detachable blue and black trains for the dresses with quote bubbles on the back!  It was in my opinion a total success and was so much fun to make. All in all, the two dresses put together made almost one copy of TFiOS (there were still about 15 pages left in the book that I had avoided because they were covered in highlights from my annotations) and two bottles of the Mod Podge glue.

A lot of people asked if we wore these to John Green’s signing that we attended, we didn’t! As far as I know he hasn’t seen them yet, which I would obviously LOVE if he did, but even if he doesn’t these were so rewarding. Everyone at a con wears what they love, and Jenna and I did just that.

Thanks to everyone who took pictures with us at Leaky! And John Green- if the internet gets you to see the thing- Hi! Hello! I love your book (to say the least). Happy Esther Day! *Insert Nerdfighter hand sign here*

I met these lovely folks at LeakyCon and now the rest of the Internet needs to see this!

These were amazing!

Super cool! We got to meet these awesome women at the DFTBA booth :) A++

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